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3G Mobile Services
APEXnetworks is able to provide 3G access solutions Australia Wide. APEXn uses the Optus 3G network to deliver both internet based 3G connections and also direct MPN 3G access services.

Customers primarily use 3G services for remote or mobile staff or sites that require temporary or even fail over access when the primary fixed line connectivity at site experiences issues.

The ability to natively deploy 3G end points direct into the Customer's networks allows simple mobile deployments without annoying complex configuration and overheads of traditional VPNs. 

Mobile users can use an APEXnetworks 3G SIM inside an iPad for instance that has direct IP Routed access to the private network. This allows for seamless use when in the office or also out in the field giving a consistent user experience.

3G Coverage is available in Optus Mobile coverage areas and SIMs are available in both the regular size and also MicroSIM (suitable for use in iPad/Tablet devices).

3G usage plans are available in monthly usage data packages or Pre-Paid data plans.