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xDSL is a term used to describe differing forms of Digital Subscriber Lines. DSL technology uses existing copper wiring from the local telephone exchange to the customer premises. The two most common types of xDSL are Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL1/2) and Symmetric High-Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL).

APEXnetworks offers ADSL and ADSL2, ADSL2 Annex M services via a number of exchange deployed service provider DSLAMs throughout the country. ADSL services are available from APEXnetworks as both a 'consumer grade' and 'business grade' service and pricing.

In addition to ADSL, APEXnetworks offers business customers access to SHDSL technology, which allows for Symmetrical data speeds. Services vary from 512kbit/s to 2mbit/s. In addition to standard PPP based SHDSL, APEXnetworks is able to terminate true ATM Layer 2 based SHDSL services which allow for hardware based segregation of Network traffic via Native SHDSL Private Virtual Circuits.

Available Data Sheets

Exceed ADSL/FABADSL1/2 Annex Aupto 24mbit/s
Express ADSL/SHDSLADSL1/2 Annex A/M
upto 24mbit/s ADSL
upto 2mbit/s SHDSL

* Sync Speeds of APEXnetworks xDSL services are subject to the distance between the customer site and the local telephone exchange. The type and quality of customer premises equipment can also affect sync speeds.