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In addition to network services, APEXnetworks provides two platforms for wholesale IP network based SIP telephony & Voice over IP. 

APEXn Voice is a bulk SIP gateway ideal for use by SIP aggregation platforms operated by our channel partners. This system offers the lowest cost VoIP Termination services available and the greatest levels of flexibility. Customers who leverage the APEXn Voice platform typically deploy on premises or cloud based PBX. Some deployments include modification of existing PBX's to gateway via SIP protocols instead of traditional PSTN/BRI/PRI interfaces.

APEXn eSIP (Enterprise SIP) is a complete offering based on the industry leading Broadsoft platform. By leveraging Tier 1 Telco relationships the eSIP product offers enterprise grade telephony to our channel partners which allows them to 'bolt on' additional services to their existing network deployments and cloud product offerings.

eSIP supports full Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking and also per line configurations - ideal for use as 'over the internet' telephony or even PSTN line replacement services like UNI-V's via NBN. APEXnetworks maintains direct IP to TDM network connectivity via each of our NextDC POP locations to ensure SIP call quality but the entire system is reachable via the greater internet so handsets can also be deployed 'off net' if necessary.

eSIP has complete support for Handset/Device auto provisioning and is entirely managed by our channel partners - allowing them to configure or make changes at any time without involvement of APEXnetworks staff.

APEXnetworks meet the necessary IPND and legal intercept requirements for both voice platforms. APEXn Voice is managed via our own NMS Portal and eSIP's requirements are met within the Broadsoft platform/management interface.