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Ethernet has now become the standard in business connectivity due to providing much higher bandwidth options and being an extremely cost effective deployment technology. Ethernet replaces the previously complex requirements of high speed business connectivity which traditionally demanded expensive and highly technical Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

Ethernet services provided by APEXnetworks can be provisioned using a number of underlying technologies:
 - EOC / EFM - (ULL based Copper 2mbit/s - 80mbit/s),
 - Traditional Ethernet - Electrical  (10,100,1000Mbit/s)
 - Optical Ethernet (Fibre 4mbit/s - 10Gbit/s). 

Our wide area network services are provisioned to the MEF standard and presented to the customer network as RJ45 Electrical or single mode optical Ethernet. This can be connected to Ethernet routers, switches, firewall or even directly into gateway/firewall servers.

Our MEF Certified services offer the features of traditional TDM/Frame/ATM access technologies where intricate bandwidth management was necessary. Customers use our Ethernet services today for any number of data carriage purposes, most commonly converged voice and data.

APEXnetworks is able to provide cost effective Ethernet over Copper and Ethernet over Fibre in most metropolitan and regional exchanges in Australia.

Available Data Sheets

Carrier EthernetCopper and Fibre2MBit/s to 10GBit/s
EthernetAccess Copper and Fibre256K to 10GBit/s
BDAS - EthernetCopper and Fibre256K to 1GBit/s
Dark FibreFibre Channel/Ethernetn/a

* For more information about the MEF Certification, including a complete listing of all current MEF members, please visit the MEF web site at www.MetroEthernetForum.org