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IP Transit - IPV4 and IPV6
APEXnetworks is able to provide both carrier diverse and highly peered IP transit and internet services from any of our POP locations. APEXnetworks has strategically chosen upstream peers that present both well connected local connectivity and undersea cable redundancy to ensure network continuity in the event of both local and international infrastructure failure. In addition to international Transit APEXnetworks is connected to numerous domestic peering exchanges to ensure low latency connectivity to as many networks as possible.

In addition to regular IP transit products with fixed data rates APEXnetworks offers a unique IP Transit option to network partners that allow for burst levels well in excess of committed data rates. Our Partners are guaranteed at a minimum the committed data rate for any IP Transit service however there are no limitations other than 'spare or available' capacity between similarly provisioned customers. A customer is granted access to the burst rate on the proviso that no other customer in a Burst pool would suffer data rates below their agreed minimum rate.

Any customer in a 'Burst Pool' may for instance have a 20mbit/s Committed data rate however will often be supplied with data rates up to 4 times as much. This product is specifically tailored to network partners/customers who are scaling up end customer network demand with ADSL/Ethernet end customers and do not want to provision network capacity well in excess of demand in the early stages of their deployment.

APEXnetworks does not over subscribe any IP Transit service and currently operates the network with a supply surplus.