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APEXnetworks' products are a wholesale offering, specifically built for bundling by IT managed service providers and hosting partners to include WAN options in their product suite. APEX provides full national coverage of WAN service types that can be included as simple internet connections or Managed Private Networks that deliver the end-customer sites to one or more locations across our data centre/POP footprint.

Our ability to function entirely transparently 'as your network' including IP branding and IP Data usage recording is unique in the Australian Network Wholesale space.

All the tools and processes between APEXnetworks and our Channel partners have been evolving since our incorporation and offer unmatched levels of detail and transparency that allow the IT staff in partners organisations to manage their end customers WAN services. Our NMS portal provides tools and reporting for Channel Partners to accurately SQ/Provision and support their end customers as if it was an extension of their own product offering including branded end user access to the portal for their end customers directly.

Current channel partners that use APEXnetworks WAN services incorporate access tails in the following product offerings of their own.
  • Internet Access Aggregation for Communities/MultiService Locations
  • Managed IT/Desktop Support and general business/office interconnects
  • Citrix/ICA/RDP Remote Desktop (General business operations and specific Application Offerings)
  • SIP Termination for VoIP telephony (Discreet or Bundled)
  • Australia Wide venue interconnects for Loyalty and Gambling systems - Government Approved
  • Network Based Backup and Storage - Private or Internet
  • Virtual CIO
  • Remote or Branch Telecommunications/Teleworkers
  • Seamless network user experiences on WIFI or 3G for mobile platforms (iPad, Tablet PCs with no requirements for internet VPN)
  • Tier 3 Escalation and Support for ISP or Complex networks
  • Remote POP or remote Hands operation for ISP networks
APEXnetworks staff are also able to offer your organisation an escalation point for not only supporting Wide Area Networks but we can also offer high levels of network design and configuration to provide highly available network services. All our staff are long standing industry professionals that have worked in key Australian network providers and companies that provide wholesale or aggregated services. This level of experience is available from Support/Network Administration all the way through to provisioning and accounts/billing. We work with Australia's Tier 1 and Tier 2 communications companies and Data Centre companies giving us both a network and a team specifically tailored to compliment your product offerings and streamline access services. 

As part of our program APEXnetworks doesn't decide what the best service at a site/location is. When an SQ is requested all the available options at a site are quoted and our Partners decide what's best for their requirements. We do provide guidance and advice about meeting requirements but the service option at a site is your decision - and this will be influenced by requirements and price. We can essentially offer you the best coverage, support and deployment of any access service available in a given location.

APEXnetworks will also not compete with your business. We do not pursue retail opportunities and all network/data centre services are provided through to end users by our channel partners. We are entirely focussed on wholesale communications (Network, SIP Telephony and Co-location space) and have no desire/nor plans to enter the market with hosting or end user business facing IT products like Remote Desktop or 'Cloud'. This is not our space, it's yours.

We realise in designing our network that there are times multiple options may exist and the requirements will usually determine the decision we make. As such APEXnetworks doesn't require exclusivity agreements to take on our network services. There are some benefits to aggregating all components that we can offer however there will always be times where you may have other options available to you and we are happy for you to take them. All pricing/quotations for services are maintained in parity across all our Channel Partners and your decision to use another network provider for a certain component of your network will not influence or change pricing of existing or prospective ones. We don't believe in locking our customers into only our offerings and are happy to compete for your business on our merits not just your commitment.

If you believe that we can assist your organisation in any way or add value and additional revenue streams to your business, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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